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Daytime Truck Dispatch

Elite Logistic Services, LLC., provides:

  • Paperwork Completion: we complete all paperwork on your behalf; from New Carrier Packets to Rate Confirmations.

  • Booking Loads: we negotiate and book top paying loads averaging over $2.00 per mile. Some options include light loads with fast on and off times.

  • Phone/Email Updates: We take over all phone and e-mail updates, ensuring everybody is on the same page.

  • Lumper/Detention: we help your driver get unloaded quickly and promptly.  We call on your behalf to get you the detention money you deserve.

  • Factoring: cash flow is important. Let us handle your factoring needs to ensure that your operation keeps its’ wheels rolling.

  • Credit Checks: we run credit checks on all brokers we work with to ensure that you will be paid on time and in a timely manner.


Car Hauler Dispatcher  


Elite Logistic Services, LLC., provides Car Hauler Dispatch Services for those carriers who are in the auto transport industry. Are you a driver that is having a hard time finding the best paying loads? Do you feel like you just don’t have the time or resources to constantly be monitoring Central Dispatch and other load boards? Don’t worry, Elite Logistic Services has your back! Our professional team of car hauler dispatchers will keep you loaded. We find the best paying enclosed loads and open carrier loads. Our car hauler dispatchers keep you loaded and on the road.


Many car haulers rely on themselves to dispatch their next load. This is very time consuming and is not efficient for optimizing a profitable car hauling operation. The best cars are posted and booked within minutes. With Elite Logistic Services you have someone constantly monitoring the load boards to find you the highest paying vehicle. 




  • Dedicated Dispatcher

  • Optimized Routes And Lanes 

  • Broker and Dealership Setup

  • Invoicing 

  • Majority COD Loads

  • Get Paid Fast

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